Thank you for choosing Asquith Family Chiropractors for you and your family's health care needs.

People consult us for many different reasons; some have been to chiropractors before while others are making new choices in their health care.  For whatever reason you come to see us, it is our objective to assist you in an efficient and pleasant manner.

We are a family oriented chiropractic practice dedicated to the detection, correction, and prevention of many health care problems which makes our practice highly regarded and sought after.

We support and encourage our patients to participate in all phases of their care, thereby contributing to the enrichment of their lives and producing more harmony in our world.

What To Expect

First Visit
Your first visit is a really important time.  You will be able to discuss your health concerns and reasons for consulting our practice.  It’s important that we have a full picture of your overall health, so we ask you to allow 45 minutes for this visit.

When you first arrive you will be welcomed by our friendly Chiropractic Assistant.  You will be asked to fill in a health questionnaire if you have not already done so.

When you meet Dr Mark, he will discuss what your goals and expectations are for care.  He will then do an examination, looking at your posture (which is the window to your spine), an electromylograph is done to check how your muscles and nerves are functioning, and he will then do a scan of your feet to assess your foundation.  If your history and examination indicates that you require an x-ray we are able to take these on site.  The most important thing is to understand how you and your body are working so that we can determine if chiropractic care can help you and provide you with the best possible recommendations for your health.


Video: The Beginner’s Guide To Chiropractic


Second Visit – Report of Findings
When you arrive for your next visit, the Dr Mark will go through your results and show you the most appropriate action to take in correcting your condition and how you can reach your health goals, whether this is focused on pain relief or improving your well-being, you will receive your first adjustment today.


Regular Visits
Visits at this stage are usually quicker.  At each visit you will have your spine checked and discuss any steps you can take to enhance the healing process between visits.  We schedule progress examinations regularly to ensure that you are progressing in the right direction.


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